electricmegI’ve been a musician for 40 years…. mostly playing trumpet, but also composing and producing some great music and events along the way. Music has taught me some of the most incredible lessons of my life and I’m humbled and grateful to have found it at an early age. It was originally¬† a combination of performing “freejazz” and learning the art of producing that steered me in the direction of Quantum Physics and Spirituality.

Over the past 30 years I’ve had several extra-sensory experiences that helped to reveal the path of Consciousness, including communication with loved ones who have passed on, telepathic communication, manifestations, astral travel, and more.

Prior to and during the process of awakening, I was stumbling through life repeating mistakes over and over and functioning at a low level in the greater world. The shift to Quantum Being took me 30 years from my 1st experience to now, and with this course I seek to help people avoid that long, drawn out, painful transition.

Transcend the Game
is like a flashlight in the dark
leading the way to safe shelter

To those who are ready to learn about the Becoming Quantum, I welcome you!

To learn more about me, visit Electricmeg.com.