Quantum Evolution
Transcend the Game

September 4 – December 18 2018
By Donation

A four-month online course exploring the process of transcending from the limits of material reality to the infinite realm of quantum energetic reality.

Once you’ve achieved quantum activation, you will have access to:
Ascension / 5D

In the 1990s while working on Wall Street, Electricmeg began to notice that there’s an over-arching Game being played throughout society in which humans are used as pawns, and the lives of “others” (meaning, people who are not in the immediate circle of trust of those in power) are not valued.¬† Over time, she came to the realization that this Game by its very nature causes immense amounts of trauma which deeply affects the mental and spiritual health of individuals, limiting the ability of most people to find and live purposeful lives. By extension, it also massively affects society in a negative way.

Her experience and research over the past 30 years has revealed the power of quantum activation to negate the effects of trauma, remove blocks and allow people to identify and fulfill their passion & purpose.

The course is conducted by weekly Zoom teleconferences on Tuesday evenings (NY time) beginning September 4, and includes lectures, resources, conversations, guided meditations, homework, personalized mandalas and much more. Attendance at the live calls is not mandatory, but students should be able to dedicate 5 – 10 hours every week to the tasks involved for the best results.

Whatever your goal, whatever your perceived limitations, whatever your fears, pain or disappointments, by the end of this course you will fully understand the process of becoming a Quantum Being and well on your way to achieving your infinite potential. Be aware that learning transcendence requires dedicated, consistent work. The process will be at times challenging, frustrating and extraordinarily blissful, but the rewards are absolutely life-transforming!

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Suggested price: $1,500
Those who can, pay… those who can’t, learn anyway

Each person who completes the course will receive a custom digital Mandala from Electricmeg